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Stay Original and Verified with Us

How it works

Fingerprinting Technology

Products might look similar or the same to the naked eye, but when examined more closely, a difference in the material pattern is found, just like our human fingerprints, that look alike, but are vastly different when closely compared. Origify Product Authentication uses the fingerprint technology to optically capture the natural surface of a product. Just like a fingerprint reader the technology allows the ability to identify and match the surface patterns of products.

a vector image of different fingerprints, used to show how fingerprint is different for even though they might look similar.

The Principle of Origify

Let’s look at the image of two leather products and the difference in their natural surface. They are captured from the same position. Do they still look the same to you?

leather close up
lather close up  material

How it works

Bosch Product Authentication, Origify, is a simple three step verification process. It enables verification throughout the supply chain. Check out the process here.

Process on How it Works

process of marking shown in the end of production line.

Registration of Pattern Signature

The manufacturer captures and registers each product for authentication with a stand-alone camera Desk Device produced by Bosch at the place of production. The manufacturer can record and secure different surface areas on a single product. The device recognizes the natural surface pattern and stores the respective pattern signature in the Bosch Cloud.

A potrait of the consumer clicking the photo of the innersole of the shoes for verification

Verification Via Smartphone

Verification is achieved through a simple Bosch smartphone application that can be used by any stakeholder related to the product. At this step in the authentication process the user is guided to capture the predefined region. The captured patterns are then compared to determine, whether the product is authentic, meaning originally registered at the manufacturer, or not. This real-time process can also be conducted using a Bosch supplied camera Desk Device in a large-scale industrial setting.

side image of the worker or employee looking at the dashboard and analyzing the data that is collected.

Insights for Business Optimization

For further optimization, Bosch provides a management portal that helps manufacturers manage and control different camera Desk Devices across the supply chain. On the other hand, it also allows manufacturers to gain meaningful insights through aggregated data collected by the camera Desk Devices and smartphones. To just give a few examples, these data points can be used to display product model specific sales figures, regional product preferences as well as failed authentications which can offer insight into areas where counterfeiters are trying to enter the supply chain.

Advantages of Origify

The Bosch Product Authentication is an aggregation of the top features of different methods. It offers to assist manufacturers in effective traceability and consistency in addition to being very secure.

  • Invisible Protection: without attaching anything to your product and modifying your artwork. Not visible to the human eye.
  • Traceable Products: Unitary authentication and digital track & trace through the entire supply chain from origin to end-user.
  • Consistent Over Time: Works already with small quantity of products, changes on product surfaces can be tracked over time.
  • Highly Secure Against Counterfeiting: Unambigous authentication resilient to reverse engineering or replication.
  • Instant Verification: On-site remote verification in real time. Results are received within seconds via smartphone.
  • User Friendly Operation: via our app and alignment guide. Easy to use for untrained enforcers, retailers, and customers alike.