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Stay Original and Verified with Us

Use Cases of Origify

Enable your customers to authenticate your products

Enable your customers to authenticate your products with our smartphone application and thereby reduce loss of sales over unintentional fake purchases. Boost your brand by proving authenticity and improving trust. Augment the digital value of your products and engage with your customers.

woman taking photo of her white sneakers for authentication through Bosch Smartphone application

Optimize your business processes with new insights

retailer using management tools and verification application of Bosch in her boutique for verifying sunglasses.

Utilize our authentication solution with retailers and customers to gain more insight into your sales data and product usage and optimize your business processes accordingly. Save time verifying authenticity, replace complex documentation, and warranty cards with a simple photo.

Prevent fraudulent returns & unauthorized services

Prevent fraudulent returns by using our authentication method at the POS or customer service centers. Easily verify that the returned product is yours and eligible for replacement or repair. All this without the need for labels or receipts that could be lost or even falsified.

woman at store checking for authenticity of returned product, here is a watch

Create transparency & protect your supply chain

employee checking the supply chain data related to transparency of the business.

Create transparency and protect your supply chain. Have our anti-counterfeiting solution assist you in identifying fraudulent behavior such as counterfeits and grey markets. By proving product authenticity, you can attract more partners and securely expand your sales network into new markets and channels.

Unlock traceability for all parts via digital twins

Unlock traceability for all parts, even small and complex ones, and enable a reliable digital twin as the basis of I4.0 business and factory automation. Our solution reduces printing and traceability processes to just one step.

robotic arm helping in traceability of products through supply line

Create new offerings by verifying second hand goods

Picture of a website with a novel secondhand sales offering

Create new offerings and reach new customer segments. Enter secondhand sales and certify pre-owned products for your customers through your service or in-store events. Respond to changing consumer preferences with novel and sustainable models and the support of Origify.