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ORIGIFY by Bosch

Origify Product Authentication

Product Authentication

made a simple pleasure with Origify by Bosch


Track and verify your original products within seconds with our covert and digital product authentication solution. We can authenticate almost any product type with a sufficiently random surface structure by leveraging our optical fingerprint powered solution which is non-invasive and keeps your product design intact.

Our state-of-the art authentication solution is smartphone enabled and traceable at the unit level which unlocks new opportunities for brands and manufacturers to increase the number of users verifying product authenticity as well as enabling broader use cases.

Stay one step ahead with our simple yet highly secure and industry-proven authentication solution: Origify.

Why invest in a high tech authentication method

Lets join hands to reduce counterfeiting and increase traceability in your industry

Conventional authentication methods are limited

a layered image with copy paste icon on top with different authentication methids like barcode on the backgroud symbolising that they can be copied

Physical security features can be replicated and counterfeited

When deciding how to best protect a brand's products, there are several security features and authentication technology options. Visible security features such as packaging design, brand logos and holograms often do not require a tool (or only smartphone) for authentication. Serial numbers, barcodes, encrypted optical and radio codes such as QR, RFID and NFCs enable serialization and end-to-end traceability. Yet physical security features are no guarantee of authenticity, because sooner or later they can be copied or manipulated by counterfeiters.

layered image with a brand icon on top with various products as a background showing that the trademarks and barcodes on products can me tampered by counterfeiting and can affect the design of products

They may interfere with product design and performance

There are products that cannot be marked directly due to their small physical dimensions, or the visible marks have a negative impact on the design or performance of the products. Some authentication methods are also not suitable because they are not temperature-resistant, or power delivery cannot be guaranteed. Thus some brands might not find any secure product authentication at all or fall back to invisible technologies for protection.

a layered image of a clock on the top with purple layer on a image of lab testing, trying to show that its time consuming to constantly do laboratary tests on invisible markings

Common invisible methods need a complex verification scheme

Invisible features, which cannot be located with the naked eye, usually bring additional security, and can serve as evidence in court of law. However, detection may require a special proprietary device or time-consuming laboratory tests and is not carried out in real time. They also do not allow unitarian authentication and cannot be used to tag ownership. Even with taggants, it must be ensured that they cannot be replicated and obtained from different sources. Therefore, to get the best protection, companies need to create security layers.

A Revolution of Product Authentication

Origify by Bosch combines the major advantages of other authentication solutions to secure your products and can be tailored according to your needs


Invisible Protection:

Without attaching anything to your product and modifying your artwork. Not visible to the human eye.


Traceable Products:

Unitary authentication and digital track & trace through the entire supply chain from origin to end-user.


Consistent over Time:

Works already with small quantity of products, changes on product surfaces can be tracked over time.

Highly Secure

Highly Secure Against Counterfeiting:

Unambiguous authentication resilient to reverse engineering, replication or tampering.


Instant Verification:

On-site remote verification in real-time. Results are received within seconds via smartphones.

User Friendly

User Friendly Operation:

Via our application guide. Easy to use for untrained enforces, retailers, and customers alike.

Get more insights on the advantages of using Origify by Bosch for your product needs

Use cases for our product authentication technology

A unitary and digital authentication solution can not only help to determine the authenticity of a product, but also to detect grey markets, unauthorized services, fraudulent returns, and it can also be combined with an electronic warranty and thus be of interest to smaller manufacturers as well.

Markets affected by illicit activities

Both consumer and industrial products are subject to counterfeiting and other illegal activities. Here is a selection of markets that can profit from our product authentication technology.

Robert Bosch

The protected trademark is something in its own right, no embellishment; it is the main point, not an accessory.

Robert Bosch, from: “Aufsatz über Handelsmarken und deren Verwendung”, 1926

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