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Stay Original and Verified with Us

Origify test kit


Thank you for ordering the Origify test kit. Your package should include a set of registered and not registered cards and an instruction document. If you find any items missing, please contact us via the contact formula.

Get Started!

Download the Verify Origify App

Download the Verify Origify App

Get the Verify Origify App from the play store or the app store using the links below.

Origify Test Kit - Tested smartphone models

Origify card selection in the app

Card Verification

In the app, choose verify and select the Card origify option. Then follow the app's instructions for the verification process.

Card verification process in the app

Verification Procedure

Registered cards feature a unique number on the back and are highlighted by a green border on the sides, establishing traceability at the individual unit level. Unregistered cards lack a number and are highlighted by a red border. Upon scanning, a result labeled "Authentic" indicates previous registration by RB GmbH. By scrolling down, you can access the disctincitve custom ID. For further guidance, please consult the app store description.

Origify test kit information document

Origify Test kit flyer

Download the Origify test kit instructions document here